Frequently Asked Questions

Project Coordination

My Community My Water LLC (MCMW) is coordinating the Storm Drain Art Project for both the Cities of Elkhart & Goshen.  Inquiries should be emailed to MCMW can also be reached by calling Theresa Sailor at (574) 370-7238 or Michelle Kercher at (574) 535-3086.

Why paint next to storm drains?

Storm drains play an important role in our cities. They keep roads safe by draining rainwater and preventing urban flooding. Along with rainwater, storm drains also drain pollutants from streets into our local waters.

Many people do not know that most of our storm drains are connected directly to a waterway. This means that everything dropping on the road can pollute our rivers and streams.

Ordinary things, including soil, trash, oil, grass clippings, chemicals, and animal waste all impair the water and make it difficult for fish and other aquatic wildlife to live or even breathe. Some pollutants, such as animal waste and oil can be a health hazard to people as well.

Proposal Guidelines

Artists may submit design proposals before midnight on February 10, 2019. All proposals should be submitted by email to Proposals must include: (1) Your Name, (2) Address, (3) Phone number, (4) Email address, (5) Art training or experience (demonstrated capacity to produce the artwork), (6) Short biography about yourself (selected artists biographies will be published),  (7) Information about your proposed design, and (8) Proposed design in color with approximate dimensions. Note: Artwork should not cover entire sidewalk. No invasive plant or animal species should be represented.

Proposal Deadline

All proposals are due by midnight on February 10, 2019. Artist should indicate the City that they are applying to volunteer in.

Selection Process

Artists will be selected through a local committee process and be notified by March 1, 2019. All selections are final. Entries become the property of the City and selected artists’ entry information may be used to promote the project.

Theme: Our rivers are a resource worth protecting.

The Storm Drain Art Project is designed to be a Public Art & Education Project to connect residents, businesses, and visitors to the valuable resources of our local waters. Proposed art should connect people to our local water resources in some way, such as through recreation, protection, or wonder. No invasive plant or animal species should be represented. Indiana invasive species lists can be found here.  Invasive Species

Who should submit a proposal?

All applicants should be 18 years or older or have BOTH parental permission and a supervising local art teacher for their project. Information about each artist and their work will be included in a final brochure as well as on an informational website.

Local artists should be living in the Elkhart County area or have local ties, such as growing up in the Elkhart County area. If the artist's address is not local, the artist should add information about their local ties to the area in their biography.

Applicants should also demonstrate in their application the ability to complete the work either through experience or training.

Where will the art go?

Selected volunteer artists will be assigned a storm drain in the City to work around. The storm drains selected will be in areas of high pedestrian use in Elkhart or Goshen. For longevity of the artwork, all painting is limited to the concrete sidewalk and curb and should NOT extend onto the street or the storm drain casting. Additionally, artwork should not cover the entire sidewalk.

Artists should note that storm drains are not all the same size and shape.  The following are two of the most common sizes / shapes of drains. Round drains are typically 24" in diameter. Rectangular drains would be typically 18'-24" long but could vary.

What support will be given to the artist?

Artist are volunteers. MCMW will be available to answer questions and provide support throughout the project. Artists will be required to sign a liability waiver. Artists will be provided training before they begin painting to include safety, information about local water quality, and pollution prevention. Traffic cones and safety vests will also be available.

Information about the artist and their artwork will be shared through social media,  included in the final brochure, and on the websites promoting the project, and linked to the representative City website.

Sponsors will be sought to provide a “gift” to each artist in the amount of $150 as a thank you for their work. Gifts will be given to the artists by the sponsor at the final unveiling event when artists and sponsors will be recognized.

The Primer, Paint, & Sealer

Specialty mural paint and primer will be supplied. At a minimum artists will be provided primary colors plus white, and black. MCMW will seal the art after it has cured.

Completion Deadline

Concrete must be completely dry before painting. Artists should plan to paint when weather allows. Artists will be allowed to begin painting on or before April 5 and must be finished by May 20, 2019.

Public Unveiling


The pubic unveiling will be held in late May or early June 2019.


Local Business Sponsorships

Sponsors will be sought to provide a “gift” to each artist in the amount of $150 as a thank you for their work. Gifts will be provided to artists at the final unveiling. Sponsors will be acknowledged on the final printed and on-line brochure, Facebook posts, and on the Storm Drain Art website for a minimum of six months.