2019 Goshen Storm Drain Art Project

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What is a storm drain?

Water goes IN here ... Often water takes trash, dirt, grass clippings, also.


Water Goes OUT here INTO a WATERWAY

along with trash, dirt, grass clippings.

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Picture of leaves clogging a storm drain after hail damaged trees.

Storm drains are important!

Has your street ever flooded?

Have you ever driven through water?

When it rains, the water that falls on roads needs to have a place to go or it will flood streets, parking areas, and sometimes basements. Storm drains are an important part of the City's infrastructure that helps to prevent urban flooding. When they are not working, water can build up and flood an area. Grass clippings, leaves, soil, and trash can all cover a storm drain or clog stormwater pipes and prevent water from draining.

Many people do not know that most of our storm drains are connected directly to a waterway. This means that everything dropping on the road can pollute our rivers and streams.


Ordinary things, including grass clippings, trash, oil, soil, chemicals, and animal waste all contaminate the water and make it difficult for fish and other aquatic wildlife to live or even breathe. Some pollutants, such as animal waste and oil can be a health hazard to people as well.

About the Artists, Artwork & the Sponsors

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Artist # 1 Rachel Weaver  Sponsor: Mutual Bank


Be Green, Keep it Clean


Rachel Weaver's design comes from growing up near the river. She painted a Bass family swimming in the clear water of the river with healthy plant life nearby. It is important to maintain the health of our nearby water sources not just for our own recreation, but for all who rely on it to survive.

About the Artist:

Rachel Weaver is a resident of Goshen. She teaches 6th-grade visual arts at Goshen Middle School. In her spare time, she likes to run, paint, read, spend time with family, and be outdoors. Her love of water came about at an early age. She grew up living by the river, and spending summers in nearby lakes swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. In high school, she took the marine biology class and became more aware of the importance of water preservation. The Storm Drain Project is an excellent way to combine her love of water, education, and art. She likes setting an example for her students and allowing them to see the message in the community.

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About Mutual Bank

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Artist # 2 Katelyn Pedler
Sponsor: My Community My Water LLC


You drop it, I drink it


The design for this piece is a simple frog with plants and fish. The artwork should remind everyone that what lands on the road flows into the waters that they call home.

About the Artist:


About My Community My Water

My Community My Water (MCMW) LLC works with communities on public education projects designed to change the way people connect to their local water resources.

My Community My Water LLC
Michelle Kercher & Theresa Sailor
Michelle (574) 535-3086


Artist # 3 Katelyn Conley  
Sponsor: Roger Miller, State Farm Agent


Our rivers are a resource worth protecting.


This piece ties in the love for nature and the love of our state. It is a scenic view, much like one that we have all observed. It pictures a river scene with an otter, which by 1942 had been completely extirpated (eliminated) from the State. Today, thanks to hard work and protections (removed in 2005), the playful otter is again thriving in our Indiana rivers. These are just a few reasons we need to work to protect our rivers.

About the Artist:

Katelyn Conley is the artist of this piece. She enjoys being outdoors with her young boys. She also enjoys drawing, music and discovering more of the Goshen area.


About Roger Miller, State Farm Agent

Our mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams.

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Artist # 4 Rachel Neff   
Sponsor: Goshen Floral & Gift Shop


Respect The Drain


Rachel loves imagination and childhood nostalgia, so when this opportunity to create and paint artwork for a storm drain, it seemed the perfect opportunity to incorporate the Ninja Turtles. She created the design to bring awareness to the storm drain with the phrase “Respect the Drain” but to have a subtle implication of the Ninja Turtles.

About the Artist:

Rachel has always been interested in art. Her love for typography and fonts began in high school when inspired; she painted verses and lyrics on her walls in her bedroom. Rachel continued her pursuit of art by majoring in Graphic design in college and is returning to school to become a secondary art teacher. Currently, she sells paintings as a side job and began a woodworking business that sells custom-built furniture and decorative items. As a social worker, Rachel does art projects with her clients as a way to use art therapy to cope and deal with anger and frustrations. Rachel continues to pursue art and creativity with new opportunities.

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Artist # 5 Holly Hathaway
Sponsor: Maple City Health Care Center


Clean Water, Beautiful Life


For this project, Holly decided to keep her design simple, yet bold. It will highlight a couple of local plants that we see along waterways (cattails, and milkweed), as well as a few winged friends that need our help to keep the waterways clean (goldfinch, butterflies, and honeybees).

About the Artist:

Holly Hathaway was born and raised in Goshen. Growing up, she was surrounded by creativity in the home. Both her parents were creative types and encouraged creativity. In High school, she took every art class she could. Her love of art spans many media. Drawing, painting, ceramics, and fabric applications to name a few. Applying unusual color to illustrations digitally is a favorite as well.

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About Maple City Health Care

The mission of Maple City Health Care Center is to foster healthy community in our neighborhoods by providing and promoting affordable, accessible, and integrated quality care.


Maple City Health Care Center
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Artist # 6 ADEC Inc.
Sponsor: Abonmarche


All Drains Lead to the River!


This artwork is a picture showing how everything entering the storm drain ends up in local waters. Plastic waste is a huge problem. We are hoping people think about this as they look at the artwork. The plastic bottle lives among the fish and other animals in the waterways. It is always moving, which is why the fins are on it like the other fish. We chose the message, "All drains lead to the river."

About the Artist:

The painters of this piece are individuals participating in the ADEC day program located in Goshen. ADEC is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties. Persons may choose to participate from one day a week to five days a week. They have the freedom to choose between many activities throughout the day, including arts and crafts, cooking, and ceramics.  The program welcomes opportunities for individuals to get out into the community or to help the community in some way.

About Abonmarche

Abonmarche is committed to assisting communities through the provision of engineering, architecture, marina/waterfront, land surveying, landscape architecture and development consulting throughout the region.


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Artist # 7 Jessica King
Sponsor: Psi lota Xi


Hop to the Solution and Prevent Storm Drain Polution


Jessica's storm drain art is an interactive piece of art, where you can hop your way to knowing how normal activities can pollute our waterways.  She chose to make this an interactive piece because keeping our waterways clean takes action by everyone. It is our responsibility to be aware and to find alternative ways to protect our water.  Her design shows three scenes of different ways that pollute our waterways- trash, soaps and oils, and yard waste all pollute and harm our waterways.   Be sure to pick up trash, wash your cars in grassy areas or the car wash, and keep grass clippings and leaves out of storm drains.

About the Artist:

Born and raised in Castalia, Ohio, Jessica’s love for art began at a young age. Doodles in the Sunday bulletins turned into three "Governor's Youth Art Show" pieces in high school along with ceramic pieces in the Springfield Art Museum during college. Jessica majored in religion and minored in art. She had with aspirations of going onto graduate school to study ceramics and then teach art. God, however, had other plans for Jessica’s life.  Jessica now finds ways to express her creativity through her ministry as the Pastor of Youth, Young Adult and Family Ministries at Faith Lutheran Church in Goshen.  She especially enjoys capturing the imperfectly perfect moments of life through photography, painting, and doodling while preparing her sermons.

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About Pst Lota Xi


In 1897, Psi Iota Xi was founded by the joining together of women to make a difference in the lives of individuals one community at a time.  The original intent was to bring more diverse cultural experiences to their communities. Music and art were introduced to these towns with the funds that the women raised. As the organization grew, literature and literacy became an added focus. Now the sphere of interest has grown to include helping those with speech and hearing difficulties.


Artist # 8 Katarina Katal
Sponsor: Jeremy, Maija, and Boden Stutsman

Message: Clean Water Starts With You!


As a young girl, Katarina Antal remembers exploring the Goshen dam pond and surrounding forest trails on beautiful summer days and riding her bike down the mill race. Katarina appreciates the Goshen Community for its support of the arts by providing opportunities for artists to engage with the community.

About the Artist:

Katarina Antal is a graduate of Goshen High School (class of 2017). Her passion for art and interest in the environment led her to study at Ball State University, where she is currently studying Landscape Architecture. Katarina hopes her painting will be an inspiration to others in the Goshen Community.

Artist # 9 Heather Potsander
Sponsor: My Community My Water LLC


Only Rain Down the Drain


Heather Potsander’s fascination with optical illusions inspired her artwork for the Storm Drain Art. The artwork may be viewed from an angle to appear as though water is going down the drain.  In the era of selfies,passersby may interact with the artwork by posing with it and making a personal connection with both the artwork and its underlying message of “Only rain down the drain.”



About the Artist:

Heather Potsander enjoys creating artwork with elements of surprise and hidden messages.   “I want people of all ages to experience the joy children have when encountering the unexpected,” says Potsander. She is currently working with textiles to create quilt appliques, including artwork for children with panels that open and close. The natural landscape, particularly that of the Millrace Canal Trail, inspires her work. A graduate of Goshen College, Potsander teaches art with Goshen Community Schools as well as private classes from her home in Goshen.  When not teaching, she may be found knitting, sewing, or drawing with her three children and their chickens.


About My Community My Water LLC


My Community My Water (MCMW) LLC works with communities on public education projects designed to change the way people connect to their local water resources.

My Community My Water (MCMW) LLC works with communities on public education projects designed to change the way people connect to their local water resources.

Artist # 10 Tavi & Dteban Mounsithiraj
Sponsor: Goshen Floor Mart


Save Water, Save Life,  Millie the Millrace Serpent


Tavi grew up in Laos next to the Mekong River in South East Asia. People there depended on the Mekong river for their every day's life. Tavi and Dteban’s design is a mythical creature that helped protect the river and lake. There is folklore in Laos about a serpent aka "Playa NAGA" that lives in the Mekong River that helps protect the people of Laos and the Mekong River. Tavi wanted to create something unique and imaginable such as a mythical creature for the Mill Race to help protect our waterway.

About the Artist:

Tavi Mounsithiraj lives in Goshen with his wife Anita (Stuckey) and son, Dteban. Tavi has been an artist as long as he can remember even before he learned to write. He went on to study art in college and he currently owns an Art Studio and Gallery in Goshen. Dteban, Tavi’s 10-year-old son, served as an understudy for this piece. Dteban is currently a 5th grader at Parkside Elementary and painting has been a part of his life since pre-school.


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