Public Education & Public Participation for MS4 Communities

Innovative Approach to Public Education & Participation

Educate and engage people in your community when they sit comfortably in their living room. Leave a lasting memory that develops a desire to protect our waters. Let MCMW reach out and engage your community with innovative and engaging on-line and traditional publications that target local concerns and make a real difference in your community.

Real Success that is Measured and Documented

MCMW surveys your community awareness and concerns, then develops a program with tailored outreach messages based on local needs. We implement the program, survey results within the community, and deliver quantitative progress toward measurable goals.   

Your Message & ALWAYS your Brand
MCMW is tailored to your message branded from your community's water program.

Elkhart Public Street Art  Facebook Post
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Storm Drain Art in Goshen & Elkhart, Indiana

MCMW is working with the City of Goshen and the City of Elkhart to implement a community Storm Drain Art Project. Storm Drain Art is a great project to provide both an opportunity for Public Participation as well as Public Education about local water quality and the importance of reducing pollution.

Expanding the  Education Reach

MCMW is developing materials to take water quality into the classroom and into people's homes as an exciting game of natural survival using strategy and innate superpowers to survive the affects of mankind in the natural world. Estimated arrival July 2019.